No Mice!

Repels Mice

PRO-PELL is made up of essential oils that contain the smells and tastes that rodents hate. The oils bind to the foundation and are not easily washed off. One gallon of finished material covers approx. one 2500sq ft home. Apply to house foundations, sheds, under decks, hatchways, garage door openings and area’s of rodent activity.

A mother mouse has babies inside but will not cross the Pro-Pell barrier.

Benefits Your Business!

Keep Your Business Active Year Round


Does your company have regular customers who refuse winter service? With PRO-PELL you can offer them exterior rodent repellent treatments and keep them scheduled all winter long. We have found that 35% of the customers who refuse winter service agree to have the repellent service done all winter. That's putting money in your pocket when you need it most. Winter repellent service is a natural segue from summer to winter and can be pitched to your leads during the summer which will separate you from your competition. Pest control operators have always looked for a source of winter revenue now with PRO-PELL you have one and you don't have to buy new equipment or train technicians on new products.

How It Works:

Mice sense of smell is 2.5 times greater than a humans. They feel most comfortable when they can run along side walls with their whiskers touching. This puts their nose right next to the foundation which has been sprayed with PRO-PELL. The smell forces the mice to go elsewhere preventing them from entering the structure.

Positive Results:

  • Increase route charges up to 50% in the winter.
  • Sell new winter only customers
  • Keep technicians employed over winter
  • Reduce call backs by 75%
  • Add it to your sales pitch
  • Retain customers year after year
  • Customer start asking for it. (has a mint odor that gives the customer satisfaction that something was done)
  • Exterior services, no need to schedule
  • Great for schools and commercial buildings


“The rodent population decreased every month, and during the third month, we found no activity…In my own home after the first application the population decreased significantly. By the end of the third month, I have not seen any signs of activity.”
— Chuck Bogannam, Mastershield Pest Control

“I feel PRO-PELL will remain a tool in our pest control program for years to come. Since using PRO-PELL I can report that we’ve experienced a decrease in service delays, service skips, and rodent extra services. This busy season we plan on working PRO-PELL into our sales program so that every new customer will expect exterior only service during the winter.”
— David Bisaillon, Envirocare Pest Control

“We have been using PRO-PELL for two years now and not only do our customers love it but our technicians think it’s the best thing ever.”
— Don Balint, Guardian Home Services


To Purchase PRO-PELL, please contact your distributor. PRO-PELL is available at:

  • Agri-Turf
  • Essco
  • National Pest Supplies
  • Residex
  • Target Specialty
  • Univar
  • Wildlife Control Supplies

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Caution: Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, immediately contact a physician for treatment advice. In the event of eye contact, gently wash out eyes with clean water for 15 minutes and immediately contact a physician. In the event of skin contact, wash with soap and water if irritation occurs contact a physician immediately.

Note: Not Available in Indiana or New Mexico.

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